Martin G. Schulz

Way back in 1991, Martin first opened his law practice in the empty basement of his Millwood’s home. His small home-based practice focused on criminal, litigation, and personal injury law. His office may not have looked like much, but the quality of his work far surpassed his office space! Nearly three decades later, Martin is now leading a large, close-knit team out of his comfortable downtown office in Scotia Place, Tower III. (A far cry from the basement!) He hasn’t traded class for quality, though. The office may be nicer (and the views are definitely better) but Martin is still offering exceptional service, at affordable prices. With his dedicated team of professionals, they help clients in the areas of corporate, commercial, family law, and, of course, real estate.

Martin’s youngest daughter, Larissa, became a paralegal after completing high school with a focus on real estate. After working years in the industry and getting fed up with how other firms were operating, she approached Martin with an idea – let’s build a real estate practice within your firm! Martin was delighted, and the rest is history.

When Martin is not in the office, you might find him on a boat in BC…. or dreaming about being on a boat in BC! He is passionate about playing and creating music of all kinds, and loves spending time with his beautiful fiancé, Wendy.

Larissa Hiemstra

Larissa got her start in the legal industry young. She worked for Martin at times during school breaks but found a true passion in real estate. That was nearly a decade ago, and she’s worked for a handful of firms since then, honing her expertise and acquiring a wealth of knowledge and skills. If she’s being honest, she considers herself an expert at handling complicated transactions and files. (Her confidence comes with humility and charm, we promise!) In fact, many local realtors and mortgage brokers consider Larissa their ‘go-to-girl’ for all thing’s real estate.

Want to know how committed Larissa is to her clients….? She’s answered client calls on Christmas day and even climbed on the roof of a clients’ garage in -25-degree weather to measure for permits after the client moved out of the province.

Yes. That really happened!

Now, Larissa is ecstatic to be on Team MGS, bringing her fresh approach to real estate law to a well-established firm with a reputation for quality.

Larissa is happily married and shares a house full of beloved fur-babies with her husband. Not unlike her father, she can also be often caught singing and tinkling the ivories. Fun fact: her piano was built before the Titanic sank!


We work as a single united team and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.